GOYA (get off your armchair) is a fun and social event held every two months. See calendar for dates.
This is a fun event for all members to meet up in a casual environment. It is a really great way for new members to quickly get to know other club members.

Come and join us for a coffee and a chat at the Raft Cafe, Chapel Street Shopping Centre 9.30-11.00am.

There is the option to participate in the GOYA Challenge for the Weekend.  A theme will be provided around 10.00am and you will have until the end of the week-end to submit your image.

The image is then voted on by fellow club members (popular choice) it is not judged or evaluated or commented on so a very non-threatening way to submit and image. The image with the most votes gets ‘bragging rights’ until next Goya.

The Rules are simple

  • Be a member and be at the Cafe
  • The image must be taken and submitted between Goya Meeting and the Sunday night 11.59pm closing time.
  • Submit one image
  • Image size - Maximum width 1920px, maximum height 1200px, resolution 72dpi


GOYA enter images here - Next GOYA 3 June

Vote for images here


GOYA Saturday6 May
Theme: Royal

Congratulations Rosalind Phillips, your image, " King Charles Spaniel", received the most votes!







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