Meet our Executive Committee:

If you have any questions about how the club works, then look for these people on Club nights.

President:    Goldie Beeton

I got my first camera when I was 13 and loved it as it took panoramic photos! Since then, I was hooked. While I have a 'real' camera, I find myself with my cellphone (a Samsung S22 Ultra) far more often....and fully believe that it doesn't matter what device you take a photo with.... if you like it, you like it. I enjoy photography as it shows 'non-photographers' a different side to the world...especially subjects like macro and astro-photography. 
There is so much to learn in the world of photography, and I really enjoy seeing people get inspired by our speakers and workshops - and then seeing their images once they are happy to share them.


Vice President: Sue Wagenaar

Born in Rhodesia, and then South African by heritage and now an adopted Kiwi by
choice, I am deeply immersed in the rich tapestry of cultures that define me. With a
camera in hand, I find solace in capturing the stillness of life and the intricate details
of macro photography. My passion lies in telling visual stories that surpass language.
As Vice President of our photography club, I am dedicated to supporting fellow
members and mastering various roles within our community. On club nights, I take
on the role of the welcoming face, guiding newcomers and ensuring the smooth flow
of events.


Secretary:     Jandhe Carter

"I'm Jandhe, and a 'C' grade photographer.  I love taking macro photos (doesn't mean they are successful, but I am enjoying trying), astro images, sunsets and landscapes.
So many genres to still explore and play with.  Taking photos is one of my happy places, and this year I'm trying to make more space for it!

I hold the secretary role on the committee, and am also involved in the programme committee and the tech team for our club nights. I'm also in charge of buying the biscuits for supper, so you'll see I love the chocolate ones the to suggestions though!"




Treasurer:   Ingrid Ronner  

I joined the club in 2016 became the treasurer before knowing how to use my camera. I love surreal photography and I am trying to be more creative. The club boasts incredibly friendly members who offer a wealth of photography advice to help.




mbership Secretary:    Richard Baldwin 

I started photography as a hobby at aged 15 and joined the Maidstone Camera Club in Kent
in 1981 and have been a member of a camera club ever since. I like many genres of photography including sport, landscape, macro, and wildlife.
I joined Tauranga Photographic Society in 2007 becoming a committee member in 2010.

I am part of a small team who operate and maintain the TPS sound system and was
instrumental in purchasing and maintaining the equipment. In 2016 I joined the Arts and craft committee becoming the treasurer and was heavily involved in many of the improvements in the building that have helped make our club rooms more comfortable.
In 2018 I took on the Membership Secretary position.

 Webmaster and Evaluation Secretary:    Jen Whitcombe  0274 353 669

I joined TPS in 2018 and quickly became immersed in the club when I took over the role of Webmaster. I love the learning side of photography - there are always challenges. I like sports, architecture, black and white, minimalist but love to experiment.

As well as looking after the website, I keep track of everyone's Grade Points. And contrary to what the photo suggests, I am a Trekkie - but I did enjoy making the Lego X-Wing!




Terry Brunton 

I have worked for Carters Photographics for the last 15 years. I joined TPS in 2018 and have been on the EC for almost as long. I check in the prints for evaluation each month, catalogue, spread sheets, and print the Evaluation and Grade Certificates. And I make up the EC "closing up" roster -  that all EC members hate.
Landscape is my passion. and received my Licentiate with PSNZ in 2023.  





Linda Mannix  

Spending a portion of my life living overseas, I developed a passion for capturing the experiences of my travels through photography.  I relied heavily on auto and focused on composition only. Upon returning to NZ and settling in Tauranga, I became a member of TPS.  It was here I embarked on a journey of growth by stepping out of my comfort zone and taking my camera off automatic with the help of some valuable workshops and tutoring. I also enrolled in photography and editing courses at Toi Ohomai.

It took me a long time to muster up the courage to submit my photographs, but when I did I discovered the critiques generally provided invaluable lessons and gave me the motivation to improve my techniques. I love learning new information. 


Barb Lewis 

I joined TPS over a decade ago and joined the Committee mid 2023. I enjoy the people and discovering the variety of photography styles and ideas, and all the challenges.  

When I can I get time with my camera I shoot people and sports, and the occasional landscape and ICM and just "try stuff". 
At club I help out on the "tech" side (turn things on and show pictures) and with our AV (Audio Visual) Salon - I love that you can create a story and use many of your images in an AV. 
Because I'm curious, I ask lots of questions!  (and sometimes answer questions)

Ian Saunders  







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