Online Learning

Julianne Kost's Blog - Photoshop training videos
Photoshop Essentials - Step by step tutorials
Photoshop Cafe - Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials

Creative Live - Creative Live is an American online education site.

Future Learn - Online imaging, film, and animation courses from top universities and cultural institutions.
You’ll learn photography online, examine the basics of film making and animation, and discover the importance of visual culture in the modern world.

Udemy - Take your photography skills to the next level. Signup for our free or low cost online photography courses and start taking awesome pictures today.

The School of Photography - This UK based online learning site offers carefully designed, well-taught courses for photography beginners and enthusiasts. Whether you are just starting your photography journey, or want to improve your existing skills, this site is a great source of practical information.

Mike Brown Photography - Online courses, webinars. UK based.

Cambridge in Colour - A learning community hosted by University of Cambridge. Tools and tutorials.

Expert Photography - Full of photography tips and tutorials.

Photzy - Packed with photography articles and information. Free e-books and action cards.

Joel Grimes - Learn how to take your best images

Phil Steele - Online video courses.

Karl Taylor Education - Monthly subscription, 700+ Online Classes


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