Instructions For Sending An Audio Visual Via Web Transfer

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There are a number of options for sending AV’s over the internet such as Drop Box but the maximum file size they will accept is too small for some of our AV’s.

We have chosen to use WeTransfer because it is free for files up to 2GB and that is plenty of space for any of our AV’s.





1. You can send more than one AV per transfer (up to 2GB). If you wish to send two AV's at once, put the AV's in a folder and compress (zip) the folder before sending.

2. The length of time taken for the transfer will depend on the size of the file and your internet upload speed. If you have regular Broadband it may take anywhere up to 4 hours to upload. If you have High Speed Fibre, it will be a lot quicker.

According to the company, unless you have an old computer which is struggling, you should be able to continue using your computer while the transfer goes on in the background.

Note that the person receiving your file will be able to download it in about 10 minutes or less depending on the file size and internet speed.

3. If you want to send a Fotomagico Stand Alone programme you will need to zip it first otherwise it breaks up into its components during the transfer process and can’t be played. To compress the file, either right click on the file in Finder and select compress OR Select the file(s) to compress and in Finder Go to File -> Compress


How To Transfer Files

No.1 - Go to

Click on 'Take me to Free' - The following box will come up on the screen.













No.2 - This screen will show the progress of the transfer.













No.3 - When you see this screen you're done

and can close the website.









To View a PDF copy of these instructions - Click here. (Right click to download/save)



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