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The Tauranga Photographic Society meets on the first and third Thursday during the months of February to November inclusive. The first part of the each meeting consists of evaluations of member photos followed by a presentation made by either a guest speaker or club member. These informative and entertaining presentations are guaranteed to increase your photographic knowledge and improve your photography.

The meetings start at 7:30pm and the generally run till around 9.45pm. There is plenty of time to mingle during supper.

There are other organised events throughout the year, including Practical Nights, Workshops and a regular event called GOYA, (Short for Get Outta Your Armchair), where members gather at local cafe and discuss a photography based theme, then head off and shoot photographs around that theme.

Visitors are welcome to all our monthly meetings. Please note. After two meetings you will be expected to become a member of the club  -  Let photography captivate and inspire you.

Tauranga Photographic Society is affiliated with the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ), and participates in the National Inter-club Competitions. Tauranga Photographic Society members can attend PSNZ National and Regional Conventions which are held in various parts of the country each year. 

Audio Visual Group

An audio-visual is a way of telling a story using your images.  An AV is often set to music and the story may be spoken.  
The AV Group meet about five times a year at the Art and Crafts Centre on a Monday evening.  The dates are organised at the previous meeting depending on club members activities and are advertised in the calendar on the club website.

The Tauranga Photographic Society also runs a very successful annual Audio Visual Salon which has grown from a small local salon into an International event.
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