Welcome to Tauranga Photographic Society

Evening meetings

Meetings are held at 177 Elizabeth Street in Tauranga every first and third Thursdays of the month from February to November with one meeting in December. The meetings start at 07.30pm so it is a good idea to arrive 10 or 15 minutes early so that you can view prints (on print nights) and chat with fellow members.

We have a good mixture of local photographers speaking about their brand of photography together with out of town speakers and club members sharing things with a photographic interest.

The meetings end at about 09.30pm with the opportunity to meet and talk to speakers, judges and members over a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits.

Logging into the website

Use your email address to log in. You may need to click on Reset my Password and the system will generate a new temporary password and send it to your email address. Once logged in you can change your log in name and password to something you remember. 

If you have any issues to do with the website, contact Jenny Whitcombe, jennywhitco@gmail.com, 0274 353 669

Evaluation feedback

Each month there is the opportunity for club members to submit images for evaluation. Evaluation is carried out by a panel of three judges who are chosen from in house ‘A’ grade members (for print evaluations) and from a panel of PSNZ (Photographic society of New Zealand) accredited judges for digital images.

A list of set subjects is available along with some guidelines to help with your selection.

Entries are carried out on line using the following link. (You must be logged in to access these items) /Competitions/SubmitImageToCompetition.aspx#no-back-button

You may submit up to four images per month, two prints and two digital images. One of the two prints must be the set subject and one of the two digital images must also be a set subject.

The club calendar shows club events, workshops, GOYA meetings and subjects for that month.

A copy of the set subjects can be downloaded from the ‘Resources’ tab on the website.


Workshops are open to all financial members. There are usually one or two workshops per year.


GOYA (get outta your armchair) is a fun and social event held every two months at the Raft Café in Chapel Street. Full details
can be found on the website in the member’s area.


Digital Audio Visual Group

TPS also run an AV group who make audio visuals from their still images and add soundtracks or speech. The groups hold an international AV competition once a year. The last competition saw 81 entries in four different categories.

Club Salon (Annual club championships)

Every year the club hold a salon which is a competition for all members. Outside judges will mark each image and the best in each category will win trophies and certificates.

Submitting Prints into club for evaluation

In order to submit a print for evaluation the print is required to be mounted (or matted) on a piece of suitable board (800 x 1000mm). Sheets of black or white mat board is available for purchase from TPS. Ask a committee member.

a) Print and Mat Sizing. Images submitted must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum print size of 200 mm on the long side, excluding surrounding mat.
  • Have a maximum overall size of 510 mm x 410 mm including surrounding mat.
  • Have a maximum total thickness of the matted print of 12.5 m
  • Prints must not be under glass or framed.

b) Each print entry shall have on the back in the top right-hand corner a label supplied by the Competition Secretary (labels are available on the TPS website) showing the author’s membership number and title (state no title if this is the case). Titles must not exceed 35 characters include spaces.

c) Any composite print entry on one mount (montages etc.) will be assessed as a single image.

More details of image sizing etc can be found in the TPS Bylaws on the website under ‘Resources’.

Digital Submissions

a)    Images may be digitally manipulated but digital manipulation must have been done by the author and have originated from a photograph, either film or digital, captured by the author.

b)    Digital images submitted for evaluation should be saved as a JPEG file with the size for:

  • Landscape Digital Images being up to a maximum size of 1920px on the horizontal width
    and 1200px on the vertical side, at 72dpi.
  • Portrait Digital Images being up to a maximum size of 1200px on the vertical side at 72dpi.

c)     sRGB colour space and a black background will be used to display images.

d)    Images must be titled e.g. Hairy Dog, (state Untitled, if this is the case). Titles must not generally exceed 35 characters include spaces. Nature and scientific names can exceed the 35 characters.

If you need help ask a member of the committee (yellow badges) or anyone else or via the TPS Facebook page.


Just a final note which will help us with contact tracing and general contact. Would you like to log into the website and update your contact details? Log into ‘My Account’, My Account Settings, update address and also update personal information for phone numbers etc.

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